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Centrifugal Electric work, nyc skyline, nyc electrical

Want to Learn More?

We'd love to power your next project.

New Builds and Maintenance

— New Building & Tenant services without loss of power

— Fire alarm systems

— Energy conservation compliance

— Mission-critical work

— Generator(s) & redundant power systems

To initiate a project, our process involves having a meeting with all team members to discuss key goals, project expectations, and team assignments. 

We arrange a meeting with your team to discuss the project, set goals and expectations, and assign staff.

High-rise buildings pose multiple challenges to keep the project moving forward and on schedule, Centrifugal Electric take the time and effort to produce the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your project's challenges.

Our project schedules consider the installation time, and the period required to get materials, tools, and equipment that allow for proper project scheduling. 



Centrifugal Electric work, nyc skyline, nyc electrical


End-to-end Electrical Services

Our process is to conceive well-defined specific goals for your project that clearly state the objective, resources and budget required. 

Custom Solutions for the Most Complex Projects

Initial scoping and project planning

Conceptual designs through 3D renderings

— Turnkey architectural renderings for your custom project

Whether you need plans, elevations, as-built drawings, commercial properties, hospitality, and residential we have the draftsmen for the job. 


We can provide you with the drawings that you need, whether that be blueprints, as-builts or a conceptual rendering, we provide them all.

In addition to planning, we collaborate with artists, architects, designers, and realtors to craft custom 3D renderings that serve as a design tool, a sales tool, and a tool to inform the concept of your project. 



Centrifugal Electric work, nyc skyline, nyc electrical, drafting services
Centrifugal Electric work, nyc skyline, nyc electrical, safety electric


Safety Is A Core Value

Safety is the stage on which all other operations take place.
We believe that we must all be constantly aware of the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and well-equipped working environment, designed to deal with the many safety hazards that are ever-present on a Construction site.

In addition to being avoidable, workplace accidents are the leading cause of workplace delays and periods off of work. With all these things in mind, we continue to work towards improving the culture of safety throughout all of our working environments. 


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