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Drafting and Design

Here at Centrifugal Electric we have a team of expert draftsmen that are ready and willing to help with any project.


Whether you need plans, elevations, as-built drawings, commercial properties, hospitality and residential we have the draftsmen for the job. 

From initial conception to construction, we can provide you with all  the drawings that you will need. 

If you need blueprints, as builts or a conceptual rendering, we can provide all.


Our 3D renderings offer a new perspective on the scale of your project. 

We can create 3D renderings of buildings, furniture, you name it. We collaborate with artists, architects, designers, realtors, to craft 3D renderings that serve as a design tool, a sales tool, and a tool to inform the concept of your project.


Centrifugal Electric is a firm synonymous with good design. We’ve been creating great designs since 2015.


We have a team of skilled draftsmen and designers that strive to provide our clients with the best customer service, an unparalleled product, and a quick turnaround. 


At Centrifugal Electric we connect clients with our expert electrical drafting team who have been selected for you based on the requirements of your specific project.